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ASCO Improves Base Operations

January 26, 2023

ASCO Norway will roll out a new IT solution fromFourPro Solutions at all its supply bases. The aim is to make the ports both more efficient and less harmful to the environment.

ASCO Norway will roll out their new IT solution at its supply bases Farsund, Kristiansund, Sandnessjøen and Hammerfest.

The goal of the project is to reduce the time spent by trucks at the supply bases by up to 80 %and time spent by vessels at the quay by 20%, which will provide both less noise and reduced emissions.

ASCO Group is an international oil and gas logistics company with headquarters in Aberdeen and operations in a number of countries. ASCO Norway AS was established in1994 and in addition to the main base in Tananger, the company operates supply bases in Farsund, Kristiansund, Sandnessjøen and Hammerfest.

We believe to be among the world's best at running manual logistics operations. Merging our know how into a digital platform that collects all data in an operational dashboard and uses AI to predict and optimize processes.

Says Roy Arne Rygh, Supply Chain Manager in ASCO Norway.

Both operational and administrative solutions

FourPro Solutions AS is a Norwegian Software company established in 2019. In a press release, the company states that the delivery to ASCO Norway consists of both operative(apps and technical equipment) and administrative solutions (dashboards, operative modules), where environment, safety and the operative have always been prioritized. At the same time, contextualizing data from surrounding systems has made it possible to see all the needs together.

The collaboration between the two companies has been ongoing since April 2020 and Rygh states that they have now reached the point where they will roll out the system to all of ASCO's supply bases.

The project has shown value of putting together operationally skilled people from ASCO with an experienced and skilled development team from FourPro Solutions by working together as a one team

Says Ove Johan Skants, general manager of FourPro Solutions.

Rygh is also satisfied with the collaboration, which he believes flowed well from the start.

FourPro has a good understanding of logistics, in addition to the understanding of technology and developer expertise. That means we can have good discussions about what we want to achieve.

Faster deliveries to the oil platforms

The focus of the project has always been to make the ports more efficient and make them more environmentally friendly.

The ports we operate will become more efficient and spend less time in operations. All machines and vessels will increase efficiencies, and materials and other things can be delivered more quickly to the oil platforms.

Says Rygh.

He adds that the new solution also provides the opportunity to be able to track all the flow of goods from the supplier to the rig in real-time. Although such tracking is quite common in other goods flows, Rygh states that it is new for oil and gas. He points out that the possibility of putting this information into a system, sharing it with various actors and optimizing processes based on data offers great opportunities.

Interprets data with machine learning

FourPro is working on integrations with the various carriers so that all data on the flow of goods enters the system. With the help of machine learning, the system can also interpret the data, predict patterns and make recommendations.

The dashboard is operational so that you can click and perform actions directly from it. By means of two-way integrations, the actions will be reflected in any other systems. Access control means that you have control over which actors see which data and which actions can be performed.

Supplier and operator work in different systems, which makes cross-functional interaction challenging. We have made interaction possible in a better way through data sharing across systems, of whichFourpro's solution interprets and presents data in a clear way for the user.

Concludes Roy Arne Rygh.

Source: Henning Ivarson,

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